El Tactico Loco Grandmama Bing Bong

Last night whilst walking back from ‘The Archer and Feather’ local pub I passed this gang of American kids, there were 12 of them in total plus 8 more. I heard them boasting to one another how they planned to smash their equal in the coming war on the popular online game ‘clash of clans’

Basically they plan to hang out of the back of their opponents which I later learned is US.

During their fight talk I heard them spreading rumours about some of your mums. A couple of mums in particular got more than their fair share of criticism. Some of which (whose names I won’t mention) have taken their fair share of anal creampie antics.

I vote that we repay their slander with a jolly good thrashing!
We want to see goblins a plenty for your cc pulls followed by the all new attack brought to you by chopper ‘jumpbreak’ jump spells and wall breakers!

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